Working as an Economic Interest Group (EIG), our partners in France, Italy, Portugal are qualified in CAD design, mechanical engineering, automation, research and development and work together since a long time and offer you reconditioned machines and all technical solutions adapted to your needs!

Example of retrofitted machines !

SVECIA SAM-x 4 cl 160x240 complete line

At the request of our customer, our team has retrofitted an automatic printing line with 4 colors big size, UV drying flash and HTB feeder. This work was done in record time, our customer was able to use this machine as if it were new!

SIASprint - modele Simplex 80x120

Most of the time, we offer our fully reconditioned machines, we refurbish the electrical and mechanical part. Our machines are then sold as new, but at the rate of used machines!

With over two decades of experience in the Screen Printing industry, our team is able to provide his expertise to guide you in your research for new or used equipment, both for textile or graphic, for all cylinder machines or multi-colour lines as well as "digital inkjet printing" machine with large format.
Moreover, the competence of our technical team enables us to offer fully reconditioned equipment, and align with the recent technologies that will bring comfort and superior print quality.
We provide serviced maintenance on our equipment that we sell around the world.

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