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Features and characteristics

Ref n° : PRO2270
Manufacturer :
Model / Type : WORKMAN 6COL 10PALETS
Max print format : 40X55 CM
AGE : 2011
Condition : Excellent condition
Location : Belgium
Availability : Immediatly


The Workman Series carusel screen printing machine combines in a single design, the cost effectiveness of a
pneumatic driven machine with the functionality and convenience of advanced servo driven models. All motions
are driven pneumatically and full function membrane keypad control panels on each head give tremendous
accessibility. The Workman is equipped with inner and outer print stroke adjustment, fault proof carriage system
which eliminates possibility of head crash, and pneumatic screen clamps controlled directly from the print head.
The concept behind the evolution of the Workman was to have the small diameter that comes with a cost
effective machine, an image area large enough to satisfy most commercial contracts, and efficient operation control.
Printable image area on the Workman is 41 x 46 cm (16 x 18″) or in 6 station models – up to 58 x 41 cm. An advantage to
its compact design, besides its high printing speed, is installation and location flexibility – narrow staircase for floor
installation is not a problem with the Workman.
The Workman is offered with a maximum spread of 10 stations. We recommend common Loading /
Unloading style machine for any shop where a single operator will be managing the printing process. In these
scenarios an extra print head is always highly appreciated.
In the standard version we have implemented the pneumatic indexer rotation system, pneumatic heads, and
pneumatic lifting system. This highly reliable design is engineered to maximize efficiency of the pneumatic
indexing system’s inertial forces.
Quick-Change pallet system with fast sliding pallets and pallet locator makes pallet placement easy.
Standard pallets measure 41 x 56 cm (16 x 22″).
The Workman is a fast, reliable, and durable machine. Each head is equipped with a full function membrane
panel keypad with the ability to control all major motions and head features without the need to return to the main
The Workman has advanced software that includes SEQUENCING features; combine this with CLH flashes
to produce the highest printing and curing efficiency.
Warranty and service support provided by the manufacturing plant located in Poland for fast parts and easy
access to technical services.