The news is finally out and the KTK SMART has arrived to the market.

With the quality KTK has been showcasing all over the world during the past years, it’s with no surprise KTK brings to the global market another fast, precise and durable machine: the KTK SMART.

This unique machine arrives in the market as an answer to the needs of the modern screen-printing technician. Able of printing over 1100 pieces per hour, this machine is designed to hold a minimum of 10 pallets and a maximum of 20 pallets, sized from 950mm x 550mm (38’’ x 22’’) up to 1100mm x 650mm (43’’ x 26’’), and to have from 4 to 18 printing heads up and running.

With its printing head independent lifting system, the KTK SMART is able to print with water-based inks effortlessly, as the printer can manage the time that the screens are in contact with the hot pallets, and being less time in contact means there will be less evaporation of the inks and less blocking of the screens, therefore there will be fewer stops during the printing of the order, leading to more earnings for the screen-printing company.

The innovative semi-automatic cleaning position was designed taking into consideration the needs of the printer, making the cleaning of a screen always seem like an easy task.

Let’s not forget the capacity of moving a pallet to a desired position, on the machine, with the simple use of a button on each printing head’s user-friendly control panel. This easiness of moving the position of a pallet is something that will make the registration of a job always seem effortless.

As the KTK SMART uses materials and techniques found in the field of aeronautics and on heavy construction machinery, all KTK machines stand out in the screen-printing machinery world as the machines of the future.

Technical support is also something not forgotten at all by KTK. We are very proud of having a team of agents, and a team of expert engineers, always ready to answer any situation that might arise, worldwide. We believe that the technical support is always of extreme importance at the moment of choosing which machine to add to any screen-printing company, and that’s why we are also proud to say that during the design and engineering process of our machine all factors are taken into account, making the solving of any of these minor issues seem like nothing happened at all. Also, KTK is not redesigning the wheel, meaning we strive to use the most international standard (ISO) parts we can, so the printer can find solutions locally, anywhere in the World, in case it becomes necessary. Simply, we want to make the printer’s life easier!

If you are looking to offer a fast, reliable, strong and accurate machine to your company, look no further. KTK Smart is the machine for you!


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